Top 10 Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas For Dragon Ball Z Fans

Finding the right gifts for the people on your list can be frustrated for everyone during the holiday season, and it's even worse when you have no idea about what do they like of zero knowledge of their favorite topics. You, your beloved one, friends, or family members are fans of the legendary manga/anime series Dragon Ball, take a deep breath, here's the latest coolest items to rock on your Christmas 2020 wish list as a follower of this amazing series or what will be better a present can truly show your concern for your beloved people.


  • 1. Dragon Ball Goku Cosplay Go Symbol Zipper Grey Black Hooded Jacket.

    With Goku famous symbol of "Go" ((Japanese Kanji means "wisdom" or "enlightenment"),  but design in much more dope style and go out of the common color theme of blue and orange, this hooded jacket is absolutely a flawless item for the cold vibe of Christmas this year.

  • 2. Dragon Ball Genki Dama Spirit Bomb Goku Bedside Lamp.

    Make your children feel safe on Christmas night with a Saiyan Hero right next to their beds, protect them from any kind of imaginary monsters live under the bed or in the closet. Such a perfect gift with a creative design to lighten up the bedroom in a can't-be-better way.

  • 3. Flying Cute Kid Goku Cloud Nimbus Vintage Beige Hoodie.

    Even though being one of the most powerful characters in DBZ. No one can deny that Goku is cute when he was a kid. Excellent design for anyone who is looking for something different from the common battles, fighting concepts. 

  • 4. Dragon Ball Goku Mandarin Collar Orange Autumn Baseball Varsity Jacket.

    Chilling weather on Christmas holiday comes high-quality materials and special design makes this Goku-themed product become a must-have item. Show your great passion on Dragon Ball by wearing this baseball jacket is totally a brilliant idea. 

  • 5. Vegeta Cell Saga Battle Saiyan Armor Fitness Tank Top.

    You might feel curious about why a tank top is in the list of Christmas gift. Yes, why not, a totally cool idea to have this product for you gym time or as an under-shirt for your outdoor activities and it's even better when it was designed with Vegeta's Saiyan armor model. Know what, you can also use it during the summer as well. Definitely a worthy option.

  • 6. Dragon Ball Green & Golden Shenron 7 Crystal Balls Shelf Figure Set.

    Shenron (Means "Divine Dragon" or "God Dragon") and his Dragon Balls take a game-changing role in this manga series. Now you can have a whole set of Shenron detailed figures and the Dragon Balls to full-fill your personal collection this Christmas. Let's think about what you would make as a wish to this mighty legendary creature.

  • 7. Dragon Ball Son Goku Orange Cool Fitness Gym Compression Leggings Pants.

    Gear up for a cold winter morning run with Goku style and his outstanding fighting spirit will make you feel lots more comfortable. Absolutely an amazing option for Dragon Ball gym rats. Let get attention not only for the bad-ass body but also for a stand out fashion style in the gym.

  • 8. Vegeta Cell Saga Battle Saiyan Armor Long Sleeves Compression 3D Shirt

    Compression apparel is redefining how we look at clothes. Functional clothing is made to support human sports activities, but it doesn't mean you can't be in style with them. Any DBZ fan also knows that Vegeta is one of the most powerful characters throughout the series. Let's put on his battle armor and be physically and mentally supported for the next workout section.

  • 9. Heat Reactive Color Changing Goku Kaio-Ken Dragon Ball Mug.

    Rock up your morning with a Super Saiyan power for being energetic all day long. Goku will  appear with his power aura when the mug's filled with hot liquid, simple but inspirational for any workaholics and entrepreneurs. This product's also designed to be globally qualified with F&B Safety and Hygiene regulations. 

  • 10. Dragon Ball Cool Black Goku Hip Hop Snapback Hat Cap.

    With the symbol Go in the front, this snapback is the ideal item for people who like to pay attention to detail. The creative intersection between being fashionable and passion on one of the greatest manga series on Earth. Ready to accompany you to the party, social gathering or casual basis.


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For any further information/ question please feel free to leave us comments below. 

Merry Christmas!


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