10 Facts About The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

Over the years, there have been quite a lot of villains appearing to challenge Son Goku and the Z fighters. There have been aliens, cyborgs, literal demons, gods, etc. However, there has been no one that has the rage and power that the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly possessed. Other villains can surely be more powerful than him, but they can never match him in the anger department. Out of all the villains that Son Goku has fought, I do believe that he is indeed the scariest one. In addition, the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly is coming out soon, so I figured that you would appreciate a piece about this angry monster of a man.

1. Broly was not a canon character

Broly was not a canon character

Yes, you read that right, Broly was not intended to be a canonical character at all. He was indeed designed by the legendary Akira Toriyama, creator of the Dragon Ball franchise. However, it was the Dragon Ball Z screenwriter Takao Koyama who created him. At first, Broly was thought to be exclusive to the Dragon Ball Z movies alone and would have no additional involvement of the rest of the saga. However, due to him proving to be too popular as a character, it was then decided that he would appear in more projects. Finally, he was planned to receive a rework and become a canon character.

2. Broly was born full of power

Born in Age 737, right in the peak of the turmoil between the Saiyans and Frieza’s army, Broly is the definition of powerful in birth. After all, there had been no one else being born with the kind of power that Broly had before. His inordinate level of power was at a staggering 10000, meaning that right at his birth, Broly was already as strong as King Vegeta or Bardock.  This was so unnatural of an event that King Vegeta decided to execute the boy.

3. Broly is mentally unstable


After being born, Broly was sent to the delivery room of the Saiyan to rest. However, those were the worst moments of his whole life. This is due to him having to withstand the torment inflicted by the constant crying from the neighbor in that same room, our main character Kakarot. The crying was so bad that it affected the baby Saiyan’s state of mind psychologically, making him holding a grudge subconsciously against Kakarot.

4. A Saiyan prophecy predicted his arrival


In the folklore of the Saiyans, the Legendary Super Saiyan was described as an indomitable and ancient warrior. He is the idol of the entire warlike race that is the Saiyan. At first, everyone dismisses the legend as simple myth. However, it is real and even more destructive. For all Saiyans, the very existence of the Legendary Super Saiyan is both a source of great fear and at the same time pride for the entire power-hungry race of Saiyans. The prophecy said that with every thousand of years, there will be a Saiyan born with incredible power, this time it is Broly.

5. Broly’s power is actually a curse


While the inordinately immense power that he was born with may seem like a dream comes true for numerous people, it can actually be seen as a grave curse for a number of reasons. First of all, the one receiving it has no say in the process, as they are literally born with it. In addition, that power is, in fact, limitless and uncontrollable. Any other fighter will have to manage their Ki carefully as they will run out quite fast. However, that is not the case at all for Broly, as his power will just replenish instantly.

6. Broly hates Son Goku with a passion


The single most vital weakness that Broly has is none other than his mental illness. As he was born on the same day as Goku, they were in the same delivery room. This was quite unfortunate as Son Goku was quite a crybaby, making the stay in the delivery room a metaphorical hell for the Legendary Super Saiyan. After this, Broly went on to suffer a quite traumatic childhood and due to Goku’s crying is the first bad experience, he started to blame Goku on all the bad things that he had to go through.

7. He has his own unique transformation


For anyone who has watched Dragon Ball Z even just once in their life, the image of the spiky blond hair is something that they will forever associate with the Super Saiyans. Indeed, while there have been some minor differences, the most vital traits still stay the same between all the Super Saiyans. However, that is not the case for Broly. He has a blue with sea-green tint hair when he transforms while still wearing his crown.

8. He possesses a dual personality


He has some traits that are, at first glance, similar to the likes of Dr. Jekyll and Two-Face. However, his first original side is the rampaging and crazy one, while the more dormant one is the result of a mind-controlling device. Broly is quite an extreme person, as while he is calm he is almost serenity itself. However, he is also the embodiment of rage when he loses his cool. While the rage can push his power even higher, it has been shown that it is also the best method to defeat him.

9. He wears a device that controls his mind


After he knocked out his father, Paragus’ eyes in one of his raging moments, Paragus knew that something must be done as there was no other way to stop Broly. Thus, he employed a great scientist to find a method, which is the crown.

10. He is one of the most famous villains


It has been more than 25 years since the introduction of Broly. However, he still is one of the most popular as well as feared villains in the entire franchise. After all, there has been no other villain that has been featured in a total of 3 different movies.


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