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Best 5 Websites To Watch & Stream Free Dragon Ball Z Anime in 2017

Since its release, Dragon Ball has become one of the most successful manga and anime series of all time. The manga's 42 volumes have sold over 156 million copies in Japan and more than 240 million copies worldwide, made it one of the most best-selling manga series in history. And it doesn't just stop there, since 1986, Dragon Ball anime was debuted and make this hit even greater, rated up to 8.6/10 by IMDb - Dragon Ball totally changed the prejudice that cartoon is just for kids.

Here are our recommendations where you can watch Free Online Dragon Ball anime streaming.

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The very first option comes up on our list will be Animestreams. It's not specifically just about Dragon Ball series streaming only, but you totally can find one of the most completed Dragon Ball anime collections here. You surely will be pleased with the HD resolution videos and they are available in both English subtitle or dub.

You will enjoy to fullest since it stuff likes Pop-up or clicks ads won't appear and make you feel interrupted. Furthermore, completely no log-in require, save your time, less trouble.


For the one who has a bit more requirement about the quality of the videos, this would be the right decision for you. Mostly all the anime on this site is in HD resolution from 720-1080, it provides you a better ability to watch your favorite anime on many types of screens, from the tiny smartphone to the huge LED TV, but still assure the quality. All the videos are available in both English subtitle or dub. This website is the warranty for you to enjoy your cartoon time.

However, the minus point will go for the click ads might appear, not too much, but still somehow, makes it quite a frustration for fans. Sure that nobody likes that in the high peak of the movie and a dumb ad pops up. 


It will be a big missing of this list if we don't mention Gogoanime since it's truly a heaven to anime/manga fans and otaku.

The site is designed well and you simply just hit enter with the "Dragon Ball" as keywords and here you go, series after series are waiting for you to enjoy and taking your adventure into the anime land.

High-quality videos and available in English subtitle and dub. However, you also can find Spanish dub Dragon Ball anime here, would be pretty much convenient for Latin fans.


Since except the Orginal Dragon Ball series, there are also many sequels such as Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Kai, etc...

As the name of the website, you can find the full collection of 76 episodes from the Dragon Ball Z Super here. The fast loading speed and high-quality videos make sure you not gonna feel boring at any moment.

Also, all the videos are available in English subtitle and dub and there's no registration or log-in is required, all you need to do is choose the movie, click play, sit back, and have fun.


After enjoying the anime and you found this is an amazing series and eager to know more and more about it, this is the spotlight where Secretsaiyan shines their aura since it was built by a true fan of Dragon Ball.

You can find here a whole collection not just videos but also the DBZ OST and Images gallery. Assure you will full fill your hunger of Dragon Ball.


Now you have more options of how to enjoy one of the best anime series in the history - What are you waiting for? - Make your adventure to the Dragon Ball world right now and feel like a Super Saiyan!

Feel free to tell us your idea by leaving a comment below.

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