The Best Hologram Kit Of 2020 Brings DBZ Characters Alive!

The Best Hologram Kit Of 2021 Brings DBZ Characters Alive!

Hologram? What’s that? – Actually, Hologram is not something totally strange comes from outer space or extraordinary creativity. Hologram a.k.a Holography is a photographic technique that records the light scattered from an object and then presents it in a way that appears three-dimensional (3D). Examples, remember the Iron man’s J.A.R.V.I.S? He can create 3D objects that can be interacted with. Or in the legendary series of Star Wars, all the communication devices always pop-up with the 3D images of the one who made contact. However, we not in that stage of holographic tech yet, but the applications of this technology are much larger than we thought – Even your credit card or Driving license has hologram technology inside due to its security application. Surprised?  For anime/manga fans, this technology will be blasting news to you. Imagine, you can watch your favorite characters fighting from any angle, the actions, movements become so lively. Like they step right out of the paper or the screen, you even can feel the heat of Kamehameha or stunned by Pikachu’s electrical shock. So, that’s the big picture, let’s take a look at the details with us, shall we?  

Frieza Attack Final Form Dragon Ball Z Smartphone 3D Animated Hologram Kit

Frieza stands out in the endless villain list of Dragon Ball not only for his special appearance but also for his doubtlessly overwhelming power. A whole planet will just leave nothing but ash and smoke in a blink by a flick of Frieza’s finger. With our Animated Hologram Kit, you can bring one of the most powerful and gruesome monsters to your world, ready to release the brutal death ball to any intruders.    

Dragon Ball Vegeta Big Bang Attack Smartphone 3D Animated Hologram Kit

No need to introduce much about Vegeta, this Saiyan prince made his name by the pride, power, and the amazing friendship with Goku. By our Hologram Kit, you will observe Vegeta casts the deathly skill Big Bang, it’s breathtaking, isn’t it? Forget the old-school figure, now with this kit, your figures become lively more than ever!

Pokemon Thunderbolt Pikachu Smartphone 3D Animated Hologram Kit

Pikachu, this cute Electric-type Pokemon has become one of the popular mascots of the amazing world of Pokemon since the very beginning. Having a cute figure of Pikachu is great, but having a figure can release the yellow flashing lightning, which makes your Pokemon become an actually look like a living creature is outstanding. And that’s the reason why you should have our Hologram Kit. Hologram’s bringing the game the whole next level, isn’t it? Manga fans, anime otaku, this is just the very beginning of the era when technologies will bring your childhood heroes to come to you closer than ever before. Stay tuned and brace yourself!

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