Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Backpack For School Or Travel In 2020

Backpacks express the level of the users. You are a student, an office worker who wants a unique and good quality backpack to carry all your stuff or you are a traveling lover who enjoys discovering the beauty of different places and attractive destination? Don't worry because backpacks are the thing you can not miss on your need.
If you are a true fan of Dragon Ball Z, this one is for you! Let Saiyan Stuff introduce you Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Backpack For School Or Travel In 2020. You will become a member of DBZ Family since then!

1. Dragon Ball Orange Shoulder School Bag Backpack

The most noticeable thing when you look at this backpack is the GOKU SYMBOL. For those who have not known about the meaning of this letter, it means "wisdom" or "enlightenment") and it is the kanji that Goku sports on both the front and back of his uniform after completing his intense gravity training inside his spaceship on his way to Namek. Then, Goku continues to wear this kanji until the arrival of the Androids, after which he stops wearing a kanji altogether. If you have read or watched all of the series, you would know that this symbol is also on Goku's house.
We can say that this backpack is like the spirit of Son Goku not only because of the kanji letter but also of the orange color representing for the clothes that he wears for almost all-time in his life. You cannot find anything brighter and more stunning than this one, can't you?

2. Cute Kid Goku Monkey Tail Style Design School Backpack Bag

Goku first appears in Dragon Ball as a monkey-tailed child but he loses his tail three times: the first time by Puar then got torn off by his grandfather, and finally was removed by Kami. Kami said that he removed the tail permanently, so it is possible that he used some sort of mystical ability to remove it.
If Goku kid with his tail is your favorite character, this bag is the best choice for you to remind. It will bring you back to the old-time when you could see a naughty and cute Goku who is likely to make jokes like other kids.

3. Dragon Ball Majin Vegeta Saiyan Prince School Backpack Bag

"It will take more than head games to stop me! You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps...HIS PRIDE! That's what Majin Vegeta breaks free from Babidi's control.
Vegeta, needless to say, has always looked so much cool and fabulous thanks to his appearance. But you would never know how powerful he is until you watch his scene in the fight against Babidi.
Fan of Vegeta, will you neglect one of your hero's best pic like this one?

4. Goku Vegeta Fusion Earrings Cool Style School Backpack Bag

Don't tell me that it is going to be a battle between the two most amazing guys. Which side would you choose? The funny hero Son Goku or the fierce and fabulous Vegeta? Or can you predict the result of the battle? Let us know after buying this backpack!

5. Dragon Ball King Kai Symbol Awesome Design School 4 Colors Backpack

King Kai's kanji, pronounced kaiō and meaning "world king" King Kai wears these two kanji on a large, round patch on the front of his uniform. It also appears on the back of Goku's Tracksuit which he wore while training on King Kai's Planet in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

No colorful design, simple but cool enough for one stuff, don't you wanna try?

6. Kid Goku Rides Nimbus Cloud Cartoon School Backpack Bag

Who will be naughtier and cuter than him? Cause he's Kid Goku and he can drive the cloud!
Having to say, this backpack is super suitable for you especially kids. Don't you want something adorable when you go to school?

7. Goku Training Strength Quotes Motivation School Backpack Bag

When talking about Goku, besides remembering him as a funny guy, we do think of him as a hero overcoming extremely mourning sorrows and practicing so hard that he could achieve what he has had now. Using the image of Goku is also another way we want to motivate you as a part of the youth not to give up but keep moving forward and trying your best to be able to do anything.
You may come across many quotes on the Internet but here is your quote that you bring along with you every day. Follow this guy and this quote will make you cooler and stronger!

8. Dragon Ball Goku SSJ Transformation Dope School Backpack Bag

If you are a true fan of Dragon Ball particularly Son Goku, can you name all of the transformations in this backpack? If so, congratulations cause you are so cool and faithful to the DBZ series!
Instead of buying classic and boring school stuff, this Goku SSJ Transformation can make you stand out of the crowd thanks to its design. You will not definitely go the wrong way with this!

9. Dragon Ball Vegeta SSJ3 Rock Star Style School Backpack Bag

To achieve the Super Saiyan form, one must get enough potential and concentration as well as the emotion at the right time. However, upgrading to Super Saiyan 3 would be considered a phenomenon as rarely does anyone could do that, except Son Goku, Gotenks, and Vegeta.
Do you love Vegeta's appearance in that transformation? He looks even stronger, more powerful together with a little bit funky. Take it if you like it!

10. Goku Spirit Bomb Skill Power Aura School Backpack Bag

"People of earth, please lend me your energy." Your energy together with mine will be held in this Spirit Bomb.
Inspired by the amazing and powerful skill performed by Son Goku, the backpack will be more awesome if it is you bringing it every day.


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