Trick or Treat Yo' Self: 20% Off Halloween Sale On All Dragon Ball Merchandise!

Be the Super Saiyan you've always wanted to be this Halloween! While everyone on Halloween night is up for the BUU's (either ghostly spooks or Majin Buu - you decide), it's also a great time to go as your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters for trick or treating, going to a Halloween party, or just staying at home and watch scary movies because why not, right?

As our way of celebrating Halloween with our fellow Dragon Ball Z fans, we have a store-wide Halloween Sale on all our DBZ merchandise by using this 20% discount code upon check out:


*Discount code is valid until November 10, 2019 only. Have a fang-tastic Halloween!
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Vanessa G. - October 16, 2019
This is perfect for my kids! I’ve been waiting for this sale as my friends told me that you guys offer special discounts during holiday season. Those costumes and cosplay merch are rockin’! I can imagine right now the neighborhood will be jealous and asking “WHERE DID YOU BUY THOSE COSTUMES??”

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