Who Would Light Up in Dragon Ball Z

Who Would Light Up in Dragon Ball Z?

It’s no secret that many people have speculated about which characters from the popular anime show, Dragon Ball Z, might be indulging in a bit of cannabis. We all know that some characters seem to fit the mold of being a pothead better than others, but let’s take a closer look at who would most likely light up.


There’s no denying that Goku would be the perfect candidate for smoking weed. He seems like he wouldn’t just take one puff, he would probably keep going until he was completely blazed! He loves to eat and hang out with his friends, so it’s easy to imagine him sitting around a campfire while everyone is enjoying some herbal refreshments. Plus, his laid-back attitude and happy-go-lucky demeanor make him an ideal candidate for cannabis consumption.

King Kai

What better way to relax after training your students in martial arts than by lighting up a joint? King Kai is probably the wise sage type who takes time for himself and enjoys chilling out with some good old-fashioned ganja. He may even have special techniques for getting high without smoking if we’re really lucky! Plus, he knows how to party – just look at that wild hat! A true stoner indeed!

Master Roshi

Master Roshi is definitely someone who knows how to have fun and enjoy life. He loves fishing and spending time outdoors with his friends, which makes it easy to imagine him taking time out for some marijuana use every now and then. His laid-back attitude also adds weight to this theory; after all, what better way to relax after a long day of training than by sparking up and wearing cool weed clothes & merchandise for Stoners?

Final Words

While there is no definitive answer as to which character from Dragon Ball Z would light up if given the chance, it’s safe to say that Goku, King Kai, and Master Roshi are certainly prime candidates! They all seem like they’d enjoy a good smoke session (or two) in their spare time — something we can all relate too. So next time you sit down with your friends for an episode or two of Dragon Ball Z, take a moment to ponder who would be most likely be indulging in some cannabis use if given the chance and check out the ultimate weed gift ideas list for stoners! Who knows – maybe you’ll come up with an answer!

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