Winter Is Coming! 10 Coolest Dragon Ball Z Jackets Perfect For Winter 2018 & 2019

It is a simple truth that right after the Halloween eve, everyone must start looking for necessities for the arrival of the winter season. Throughout the time we humans have lived on this planet, there is nothing as scary as the cold and harsh breezes during the winter months. In these months, there are so many dangers lurking in the outside world, with so many ways to kill a person. However, none of those dangers is as bad as the cold weather. It has only been getting better in recent years due to all the technological advancements. However, in the centuries before, there is nothing unnatural about someone randomly dying due to the cold weather. At the time, no one is protected and the only way is through clothes.

As a result, there have been so many kinds of clothes that are designed for the sole purpose of keeping one warm. The usual common point of these clothes is the multiple layers that can insulate and protect the body against low temperature. In addition, they may or may not have great resistance against water, as winter usually means snow, and those guys are also dangerous. The current most popular choices for winter clothes are either coats or jackets and today we will be discussing the latter. Due to the rise in popularity of Dragon Ball, there have been so many new jackets that are inspired by them. Thus, today I introduce you to the 10 coolest Dragon Ball Z jackets perfect for winter 2018 & 2019.

1. Dragon Ball Son Goku Black And White Baseball Varsity Jacket



There is certainly more pricey options for a winter jacket. However, we do love this combination of value as well as quality that the Dragon Ball Son Goku Black And White Baseball Varsity Jacket offer. The jacket covers every single important basis as it can block perfectly the wind while being completely waterproof and warm. In addition, it can still be used in other seasons, not just winter, as it is decently breathable. As it is made from a mixture of high-quality cotton, polyester, and cashmere, it is actually quite durable as well as flexible. Any single person can look good in the jacket as it is unisex. Due to being made specifically for the winter, the jacket is full sleeves.


We really do love the look of this jacket, as it features the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series. The legendary Son Goku is featured in the jacket as a black and white image, making him look a lot more menacing than he actually is. I do think that this is appropriate, as, after the awakening of his Ultra Instinct, he is now even stronger than the Gods of Destruction. Thus, there is no explaining him still remains to be such a dork. Due to the special sublimation technique that the creators utilized during the making process, the jacket’s image will last for quite a long time. In addition, the jacket is not pricey at all for the materials and techniques that were used to make it.

2. Dragon Ball Classical Goku Stylish Baseball Varsity Jacket



Finding some kind of jacket for winter use that can be both warm as well as pretty is not something easy to do. This is especially true for the anime-inspired ones with the Dragon Ball Z being a prime example. The reason for this trend is actually because of the bursts in popularity that anime shows have been getting. The number of apparels taking inspiration from the anime shows, especially Dragon Ball Z, has been growing continuously as well as quickly with each day. The online stores selling those kinds of things have been popping up like mushrooms after rains. Thus, there have been so many products that are similar to each other.


A prime example of this case is the Dragon Ball Classical Goku Stylish Baseball Varsity Jacket. When compared to the first product of this list, we can see that it is not that much different. The one change is Son Goku being in his Super Saiyan form instead of his normal form. However, that does not mean that the jacket is not a great purchase. After all, it can be an alternative to the other one. In addition, it is also made from a mixture of high-quality ingredients. Thus, the user can be absolutely sure of the jacket’s durability and flexibility. That is not all there is about the jacket, as it is also made using one quite special technique of sublimation, so the image will stick for quite some time.

3. Dragon Ball Cool Super Namek Piccolo Baseball Varsity Jacket



It is actually quite hard to define the exactly best winter jacket. After all, there are so many things at play here for us to decide which one is better. For example, the aesthetics, weather, or even climate can all be a huge factor in delivering to you exactly what you need or what your experience wearing it is. However, for this Dragon Ball Cool Super Namek Piccolo Baseball Varsity Jacket, that is not a problem at all. A great all-rounder that does not cost too much of a price, this jacket is quite a great choice for ones who like to keep active even in the freezing cold. In addition, it does not require the wearer to be of any specific sex to look good in it.


Depicting the image of Piccolo in his super Namekian form, the jacket gives off a quite powerful vibe. After all, Piccolo was once upon a time the Big Bad of the series. Due to it being made from a high-quality mixture of cashmere, polyester, and cotton, the jacket is in fact quite durable as well as stretchy. Thus, you can wear it during active moments. The jacket can serve fine as a middle layer for the freezing cold days. At the same time, it can also be a great outer layer for the days that the weather is less unforgiving. That’s not all, it can also serve as a great wear for Autumn or even Spring as it is quite breathable.

4. Dragon Ball Goku Super Saiyan Blue Baseball Varsity Jacket



For the best winter jacket of this year, there are so many powerful contenders. Among those, there is one jacket that is shining far greater than all the others. In addition to it being one of the best in quality, the jacket is also one of the best for the people with low budget. We all know that the jackets for winter wear can be super expensive. However, that is actually not the case with this Dragon Ball Goku Super Saiyan Blue Baseball Varsity Jacket at all. This moderately priced winter jacket can hold up in rain, snow, sleet, and wind. In addition, thanks to it being made from one mixture of high-quality ingredients like cotton, cashmere, polyester, the jacket can withstand those things for quite some time.


As it is made specifically for winter wear, the jacket is a full sleeves jacket. It depicts the image of the most powerful Saiyan in existence, Son Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form. Due to this, the jacket can make its wearer feel so confident and powerful, just like the Saiyan himself. Thanks to being made by a sublimation technique that can only be described as special, you can be sure that the jacket will not lose its image or color anytime soon. It has a total of eight offers for sizes, ranging from S to 5XL. Thus, you can be sure that there would be a size for any and every one.

5. Dragon Ball Goku Mandarin Collar Orange Bomber Baseball Varsity Jacket



There are actually only a few jackets that I have called “near perfect”. This Dragon Ball Goku Mandarin Collar Orange Bomber Baseball Varsity Jacket is actually one of them. The jacket is, in fact, one of the best possible winter wear jackets for both genders. It has high-quality cotton mixed along with high-quality polyester, so there is no point worrying about its durability or flexibility. In addition, it is also due to the materials that this jacket is actually quite resistant towards the wind, even the harshest ones of the winter season. Another additional point is that it has a Mandarin style collar, so you can just rock whatever style of hat you like. The jacket is also full sleeves as it is made to be worn in the winter months.


However, due to its breathable design, the jacket can also be worn during the months of Autumn or even Spring. As it is inspired by the usual outfit of Son Goku, the jacket is made as another version of the Kame School’s uniform. Its main color scheme is orange and blue, making it looks quite vibrant. In addition, it is made using a quite unique way of sublimation, so the designs have been transformed into quite a lasting and deep wearable piece of art. There is also the added benefit of feeling proud by wearing the same thing that the strongest Z fighters have been wearing.

6. Dragon Ball Vegeta Saiyan Royal Crest All Black Zipper Hooded Jacket



So far, we have only been introduced to the products that are inspired by the Z fighters. Why don’t we change the taste for a bit and see something that is about the Saiyan Prince? This Dragon Ball Vegeta Saiyan Royal Crest All Black Zipper Hooded Jacket will be the best product that you have seen. I personally believe that the jacket is indeed the best there is as an outdoor wear in the harsh weather of the winter season. Due to the design that focuses a lot on winter wear, the jacket has a hood to keep your head warm. In addition, it is also long sleeves, as there is no way that your arms can survive the harsh cold. After all, that is exactly what the winter is famous for.


Utilizing a color scheme of all black with only the royal crest being white, this jacket will give the wearer such a powerful feeling whenever they put it on. Furthermore, as it is made with a mixture of some high-quality ingredients such as cotton and polyester spandex blend, it is actually quite durable as well as flexible. Thus, you can be sure that it can serve you and protect you from the harsh breezes of the winter season for quite a long time. This is not mentioning the fact that its design makes for a rugged feeling but at the same time chic enough to be your wear for a night out of town.

7. Dragon Ball King Kai Kanji Symbol Red Navy Zipper Hooded Jacket



This Dragon Ball King Kai Kanji Symbol Red Navy Zipper Hooded Jacket is one of the undoubtedly best and most reasonably priced winter jackets of all times. This jacket will be worth it for every single penny that you spend on it. First of all, it is actually quite great at keeping your body heat, due to the mixture of high-quality polyester spandex bland as well as cotton. In addition, it is designed with great insulation system. Thus, your body will indeed stay lofty even when you are facing the damp weather of the winter season. However, even with that design, the jacket is still able to be packed down tightly. Thus, whenever you go from somewhere warm to somewhere cold, you know that it will not take too much space.


Featuring the Kanji symbol of King Kai, the jacket resembles the hope of the wearer being boosted with the Kaio-Ken. Thus, the creators utilized a special color scheme that consists of red, black, dark blue, and white. As a result, the jacket has become both mysterious and fierce. In addition, due to it being made with some kind of special sublimation method, the jacket is now a piece of wearable art that is both long-lasting and deep. As it is made as a winter wear, you will be thoroughly protected with the hood as well as the long sleeves.

8. Dragon Ball Master Roshi Kanji Symbol All Black Zipper Hooded Jacket



This Dragon Ball Master Roshi Kanji Symbol All Black Zipper Hooded Jacket is one of the best names in the market of Dragon Ball Z jackets. That is why it does have a little high price. However, this iconic jacket is indeed one of the warmest products on this list. After all, it is specifically designed as a winter wear for the harshest of situations. Thus, you will see that the jacket is made from mixing some high-quality cotton along with high-quality polyester spandex blend. In addition, it has some great insulation system, so you will be quite comfy when you have it on your body. No matter what gender you are, you will be able to rock the jacket as it is designed to be unisex.


The jacket is in fact inspired by the Master Roshi’s symbol in Kanji. Thus, it does give off a feeling of the strongest human in the series. After all, while Roshi is not the strongest anymore, he had taught some of the most dangerous and powerful characters in the entire Dragon Ball Saga. The jacket seems to prefer the more serious nature of the master than his usual playful side. Maybe that is the reason the creators used only two colors for it, all black with only a little white. Thus, the jacket really gives off a powerful and mysterious vibe.

9. Dragon Ball Kid Goku Kanji Weapon Go Symbol Navy Grey Hooded Jacket



There is no way else to describe the jacket other than calling it breathable as well as toasty. These are the two things that you should always be on the lookout for. After all, I am sure that these jackets will be used in some outdoor activities. For me personally, I do love it for its incredibly light and compact feel. This is due to this Dragon Ball Kid Goku Kanji Weapon Go Symbol Navy Grey Hooded Jacket being made from high-quality materials. Furthermore, it was also due to these materials that the jacket can endure quite a long time in the harshest of weather that the winter season can offer. That is not all that the jacket has to offer, it is also capable of resisting against water.


The jacket is made with quite a unique color scheme, making it gives off a feeling of mystery. In addition, it is actually made from a uniquely developed technique of sublimation. Thus, you can be sure that there is no way that the jacket’s image can come off any time soon. Additionally, as the jacket is made with the intention of serving as a winter wear, it sports a hood that is quite great at keeping the head from the cold. There is also the long sleeves design, making you completely protected from the harsh weather of the winter whenever you go out.

10. Dragon Ball Goku Cosplay Go Symbol Zipper Red Navy Hooded Jacket



I do not believe that there is anyone who can resist the temptation of a jacket at this kind of slim silhouette. There is also a great bonus for all the travelers that have to travel frequently in the colder climates. This Dragon Ball Goku Cosplay Go Symbol Zipper Red Navy Hooded Jacket will surely make you feel comfortable. Firstly, it is actually incredibly light for its look. Thus, that will make it quite easier to pack it with you whenever you have to move around. However, that does not take away anything of its ability to keep you warm. Due to the insulating system that is greatly designed, the jacket can also make you quite comfortable.


As a result of it being made with high-quality mixtures of polyester spandex as well as cotton, the jacket can withstand lots of things. In fact, it does have the ability to resist water, something that is quite important for anyone who knows anything about the dangers of winter. In addition, the jacket can indeed protect you from the harsh and cold winds as it has a hood. Furthermore, it is also a full sleeves jacket, so your arms are also safe.


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Melvin G. - December 5, 2018

I know that we need to prepare for winter and these jackets are perfect for this season. I am not sure if it is sturdy enough to last long as we can only see the picture but hopefully it will. There are dragon ball designs that I got my eye on especially the hooded jackets. I am planning to buy more jackets this winter season and this will be one of the choices I might consider buying. As expected, the malls are going to get crowdy this season and don’t want to add up.

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