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"I purchased several items for my DBZ collection from this site. Loved all of them. They arrived as described in a timely manner. Would recommend!" (Dave R., New Zealand) - April 2017

"I was worried that printing quality wouldn't be very good but was SO pleased when it arrived. Excellent quality, the order arrived days before expected, and I love that I can finally find a trustworthy website for my DBZ collection. I used my tank top for both workout and hanging out and received tons of compliments. Very happy with everything!" (Cecilia K., Australia) - April 2017

"Not only is the product sold on this site excellent quality but the consumer service is so efficient and nice! They make everything possible to please the consumer. There was a problem with my order and I never received it, and in less than 2 hours, I was refunded, I place a new order to replace the missing tank top, and I was refunded also cause there was a discount when I bought the first item. Bravo and thx to Saiyanstuff:)." (Anna D., France) - April 2017

"I ordered a bag on a Sunday and asked for a rushed delivery. On Monday I was sent email confirmation my order was shipped and I received it few days later. Much thanks to Saiyanstuff and their excellent service and delivery." (Gary S., USA) - April 2017

"Can't say enough about the CS Team at Saiyanstuff. They are so responsive and always on top of customer inquiries. They truly are what makes this company thrive. Most helpful bunch of people I have worked with in online retail! Thank you Saiyanstuff CS! Keep up the GREAT WORK!" (Corena S., Germany) - April 2017

"I placed an order with Saiyanstuff and had a last minute change. The customer service rep I worked with resolved my issue and made the change instantly. I was more than pleased with the end result. I will definitely be ordering from Saiyanstuff again." ( Mindy S., Canada) - April 2017

"I have never had a problem ordering from Saiyanstuff. I have ordered from them several times and have no complaints. Always great customer service and prompt shipping! High quality products and look exactly as the pictures. Highly recommend for any DBZ over!" (Jen B., USA) - March 2017

"This is probably my favorite place to purchase interesting things on the net. There are lots of great collectibles, clothes for DBZ fans with reasonable prices; free and on time shipping method. No.1 suggestion is here." (Alex A., New Zealand) - March 2017.

"Great site! I ordered some clothing and collectibles for myself and my boyfriend, who is also a DBZ fan. I received my orders in an expected time or even earlier. This is a great success for deliveries to Australia, which was free, by the way. Quality was also very good. Will recommend it to everyone." (Anatasia Z., Australia) - March 2017

"I happened to be speed shopping and ordered the wrong size shirt for my boyfriends birthday LOL I was in a panic but they got it solved by the end of the day and truly made my mind at ease!!! I don't think a ASIAN S will fit someone who needs a ASIAN 4X LOL! Anyways, great company and truly a great place to get your favorite DBZ tee shirts, action figures, ETC ETC!" (Isabelle, US) - March 2017  

"I experienced a good quality online service here.'' (Macy, Canada) - March 2017

"I always have an Awesome Experience Shopping at SaiyanStuff! Products are Awesome. Prices are Great too. Order came as promised.Sizes were true to size, and prices good. Website, easy to navigate.I always find something to upgrade my DBZ collection here." - (Chris V., New Zealand) - March 2017

"I ordered Goku sweatshirt. It was at my doorsteps in a matter of days. Not only that this piece was exactly what I viewed on the site. Great quality. I would definitely use them again and again. I hope this will help someone. No need to wonder - place your order without hesitation." - (Sheila B., USA) - March 2017

"My items arrived quickly and in good shape. Happy with my choices. These were purchased for the grandchildren. Looking forward to their new products for my grandchildren's DBZ collection." - (Shirley E., Canada) - March 2017

"The service help is extremely nice and helpful with many issues. I ordered the wrong size of a product, and the contact support was extremely nice and supported me a lot. Their products are of high quality for a cheaper price, and if something goes wrong with your order they are more than willing to help! I have ordered many clothes from them and love them :)." - (Arina J., USA) - March 2017

"This is very nice clothing store with over a lot of DBZ Stuffs. Website layout is good for customers. It's easy to choose desirable clothing, as of it's easy to use. It takes less browsing and better results with fully descriptive products. The products I purchased are great. All the way I am much satisfied with Saiyan Stuff." - (Abbie, Canada) - March 2017

"Among all the Dragon Ball Online store I ever experienced with, Saiyanstuff comes on top of the list. Acceptable shipping time, decent quality, fast-response to problem and doesn't flee away from it either" - (Sam, UK) - March 2017

"I've ordered a few items from them so far this year and all have been excellent. The shipping is as expected and they give you tracking numbers to well, track the progress of your packages. Items are neatly and securely packed, and the quality is great: T-shirts/tanks feel nice, prints look fantastic. Overall, I've enjoyed my shopping experience with SaiyanStuff so far." (Onita C., USA) - February 2017

"I purchased 2 tee-shirts on 18th December which I received as promised at the end of December. Very good quality and exactly as described. Both folded and packaged professionally. I would definitely order from Saiyanstuff again and would recommend to others. Thank you Saiyanstuff." (Trish C., France) - February 2017

"I have always received good service from the Saiyanstuff group. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner." (Rick, Australia) - January 2017

"Saiyanstuff is an excellent place to buy all your collectibles and DB figure needs. Prices are reasonable. Shipping is also very fast for international customers compared to competitors.  Items come packed carefully in great condition. Customer service email (which I've had to use a couple times due to my own errors) has always replied within one business day even during the busier holiday season.I'm from Canada and I've ordered from Saiyanstuff many times. I will continue to do so as they are an excellent provider for mine and my friend's collectibles" (Lance S., Canada) - January 2017

"Saiyanstuff is the very first option comes up to my mind whenever someone talks about Dragon Ball clothing or stuff like that. And to me, it's a big thumb up for the customer service here since they are truly helpful and fast-responsive. Well done guys" (Jason Jr., USA) - December 2016

" Best price for any Dragon Balls stuff: collectibles, clothes, or even souvenirs,... and super customer service. Shipping is fast. I always get my parcel even earlier than expected. Who doesn't like that? Very happy with this supplier " (Natasha B., Canada) - December 2016

" This is the place to get all DBZ stuffs! Prices are reasonable, but customer service can't be beat! " (Drew T., United Kingdom) - November 2016

" I have bought many times from this site. Everything from the description of the items to the delivery of them has been faultless. I love all the quality items I have bought & everyone should have Saiyan Stuff in their lives. " (Marlene W., United States) - October 2016

"I love Saiyan Stuff for several reasons. First it has a great variety of Dragon Balls stuff to buy and choose from, second it has great prices and third it has an awesome customer service. Always my first choice for my collection. " (Larry, United States) - September 2016

"I will definitely be putting saiyanstuff shop at the top of my list when looking for DBZ accessories. Thank you." (Mickael, United States) - July 2016

"Your customer service is great, I always got quick answers to all my questions. The products that I ordered are in good quality and very nice design. Your size chart is very clearly Asian size so it would be fine when sizing up 2" (Lily, France) - March 2016

"I'm really happy with the products, your customer service is very kind and helpful. I'd definitely recommend my friends this site." (Josh, United States) - February 2016



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