Adventure Park in Jamaica

Yaaman Adventure Park is an amusement park in Jamaica that offers a unique journey to children and adults alike. The park welcomes tourists coming to the island on their own and Jamaica Cruise excursions. Here you can not only have an active holiday but also enjoy the natural vistas of the island and learn more about its history and culture. And for a “snack,” you can make meals that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The best adventure park in Jamaica is located on a former farm. Some of the vast grounds are still used today for their intended purpose. But primarily for tourists from other climates to see bananas, coffee, sugarcane, and other traditional local crops grow.

Buggies and ATV 

The buggy and ATV adventure tour Jamaica’s most exciting and popular activities. This exciting journey tour allows guests to experience the adrenaline rush and enjoy the beautiful island surroundings.

After a short training and provision of equipment, you can get behind the wheel of a powerful buggy or ATV and set off on an exciting circumnavigation of the globe, designed with extreme adventurers in mind. Take on the jungle, the mountain trails, and all sorts of obstacles, and feel the adrenaline and freedom that only such an experience can bring.


Another exciting experience is ziplining. If you love the feeling of flight and adrenaline, the Ziplane is the perfect choice. Glide over dramatic distances between platforms at high speed and enjoy the gorgeous views of your surroundings.

A zipline ride offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a bird’s eye view. As you fly from platform to platform, you traverse the jungle, lakes, and other beautiful parts, creating an unforgettable experience. In addition, professional instructors are on hand to ensure your safety and comfort during your adventure.


The most popular activity at this place is swimming with the dolphins. The staff calls them the most beloved in Jamaica. And this is true, as each guest can pet these fantastic animals to their heart’s content while swimming. They won’t stay in debt and will give each bather a “kiss.”

Visitors love to visit the cage with bright exotic birds. Many are perfectly tame and bravely sit on visitors’ hands to take treats.

Cooking tours

You can learn more about traditional Jamaican cuisine in this park. On the unique Yaaman Cooking Tour, an experienced chef will explain the traditions and nuances of cooking. Under his guidance, guests will cook dried chicken and stewed callaloo.

After the masterclass, you can taste the dishes you’ve prepared with your hands. And do it in a unique space 330 meters above sea level, admiring the stunning sea views.

Getting to Yaaman Park

Yaaman Shore Excursions is located on the north shore, just 200 meters from the sea. The nearest town, Ocho Rios, is five kilometers away.

Boscobel Aerodrome Airport is 16 kilometers away, taking flights from Kingston, Montego Bay, and Negril. This route will be most convenient for those going to Yaaman from the other side of the island. The Ian Fleming International Airport is 10 km from Ocho Rios.

The nearest public transport stop is Sans Soucilido. There are shuttle buses from the center which have no exact timetable. But tourists don’t take them very often because of the commotion of the locals.

The most comfortable way to reach this place is by taxi. The city’s official taxi services are called JUTA or JCAL. This route is also the safest.

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