How Travis Scott Became a One Piece Fan

How Travis Scott Became a One Piece Fan

The world of hip-hop and anime may seem worlds apart but there are actually many intersections between the two. Travis Scott is a prime example of someone who loves both hip-hop and anime, and his love for the long-running One Piece series is no exception. If you’re wondering how this popular artist became such a fan of One Piece, let’s find out!

Travis Scott discovered One Piece in 2017 when he was invited to visit the Toei Animation studios in Japan. He was shown some clips from the show and he was instantly hooked. From that moment on, he has been an avid fan of the series – so much so that he even had a “One Piece” themed party for his birthday! He also included references to One Piece in one of his songs, “Yosemite,” which features lyrics such as “I got monkey man on my back like I’m Luffy.”

Travis Scott isn’t just a fan of One Piece; he’s also become close friends with some of its voice actors. In 2019, he appeared at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles alongside some members of the Japanese voice cast including Mayumi Tanaka (the voice of Monkey D. Luffy) and Kazuya Nakai (the voice of Roronoa Zoro). During their panel, they discussed various topics related to anime, manga, and music culture. It’s clear that Travis is passionate about anime and manga culture, and it’s no surprise that his favorite series is none other than One Piece!

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Being an avid fan himself, it’s no wonder why Travis Scott appreciates One Piece so much. His appreciation for the series has only strengthened since first discovering it back in 2017, as evidenced by his friendship with its voice actors and references to it in some of his songs. Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to admire how passionate Travis Scott is about this classic anime series!

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