The Best Anime That Students Love

Anime has been slowly conquering the world over the past decades. It seems that now everyone has at least one favorite anime series or movie. Of course, the genre is particularly popular among younger generations, college students included. They are, indeed, the moving force of anime popularization in the Western hemisphere. So, let’s see what anime students most prefer today. This is the list of the top 4 anime that students love.

Attack on Titan

At this point, Attack on Titan is somewhat the classic that every anime lover has to consider watching. Though, the series have their fair share of uncensored violence and bloodshed. So you should be cautious about your personal triggers. Still, there is more to the show than just fighting. First of all, it is a post-apocalyptic story of humanity who had to survive after the arrival of the Titans. The latter are humanoid giant creatures who feed on human flesh. 

Yes, the premise is quite intriguing. However, there is more. The surviving humans built a large city surrounded by several circles of long walls. We start the series by seeing the first circle wall breached (spoiler). Next, we observe the three main characters growing up in the new world with increased chances of giant attacks. They train to be spies and hunt the giants before the enemy attacks again.

The series is long but engaging. The plot is full of twists, sudden deaths, and unpredictable discoveries. Old and young all enjoy the series the same. Not to mention that Attack on Titan has influenced many other shows and anime over the years. So better brace yourself for a long ride since you won’t be able to stop watching the show. In fact, you may as well follow this link to find some homework help before you start.

Death Note

Even if you have never watched any anime, you must have heard about Death Note. This anime has caused some noise over the years. The premise of the show seems rather simple, although unique. The main protagonist got his hands on the powerful and mysterious notebook. It has the power to kill anyone whose name is written on its pages. This magical object terrifies Light Yagami (the protagonist) at first. However, soon this brilliant but somewhat bored boy finds a use for the book.

Light chooses to fight for the good side and targets all the criminals in the area. The more he learns about the criminal world and kills off its biggest names, the more attractive he draws on himself. Soon, the good and the bad are no longer easily distinguished in his mind. Meanwhile, the plot gets more and more complicated, introducing new characters, crimes, and even the second magical notebook, given by another creature of darkness.

As the series progresses, ‌viewers have fewer chances of stopping the binge watch. With only 37 episodes to watch, one can finish the anime over the weekend. However, beware of the long-term effect his dark anime will have on your return to reality. In fact, consider saving this like in case you need homework assistance after your binge-watch is over.

Sword Art Online

Any gamer has at least once dreamt of getting inside a computer game. It is a fascinating, unique world so different from our reality. It often operates by its own rules, physics laws, and logic. Plus, some games are set in wonderful worlds full of adventures and excitement. However, what many gamers miss is that such worlds are also highly dangerous. Living in such a world is highly demanding.

Well, the players of Sword Art Online learned it firsthand when the evil game creator trapped all the players inside the game during its release. Now, our main character, Kirito, along with 10,000 other players, has to complete all 100 levels of the game and fight the last boss to get free and return to reality.

Of course, this anime is over 10 years old. Yet, the premise of the series still attracts lots of viewers each year. The exploration of digital reality and computer dominance over human minds has not lost its interest over the past decade. Plus, the anime is rather short and has only two seasons, which is really nothing for this genre.


To finish on a lighter note, here is the anime for all the fun-loving viewers with a quirky sense of humor. This series is for you. FLCL or Fooly Cooly is one of the weirdest but funniest anime on anyone’s list. It starts rather ordinary but quickly rises to the premise in the very first episode. Here, the main character, Naota Nandaba, makes an unusual friendship with an alien woman. The further we go into the plot, the wackier things become, and fast. 

Overall, it is hard to describe this anime in just a few words. It is surely one of the most famous sci-fi anime to this day, despite FLCL being over 20 years old.

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