The Complete Naruto Jutsu Handsigns List and Their Meaning

The Complete Naruto Jutsu Handsigns List and Their Meaning

When Naruto premiered in Japan back on October 2002, it took the world by storm with its unique characters and storyline. In Naruto’s anime verse, Ninjutsu is their main fighting technique which involves hand signs to execute the skill. Have you ever wondered which hand signs are useful in battle? Or what do they stand for? Well, we’ve compiled a list of all the Jutsu hand signs and their meaning.

The Complete Naruto Jutsu Handsigns List

Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, two of the main techniques, require extensive training to master. Nearly every technique from both disciplines requires some combination of the 12 basic hand signs or seals. We have included every basic hand sign that is relevant in casting your favorite Jutsu. If you ever wanted to impress your friends with your ninja knowledge, this should be right up your alley. Here is a list of all the important Jutsu hand signs in Naruto that you should know about. Let’s start!

1. Rat (Nezumi)

Naruto Hand Sign - Rat

Nezumi is based on the Chinese zodiac of the rat. It is not associated with any elemental transformation but it is a distinguished hand seal for shadow imitation Jutsu users like Shikamaru and the Nara clan, who are famous for it.

Learn How: On the left hand, point your index finger and middle finger upward, while closing the other three fingers. Grab the two fingers pointing upward using the right hand.

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2. Ushi (Ox)

Naruto Hand Sign - Ox

Ushi is based on the Chinese zodiac of the ox. It is not required for any elemental transformation release but is often combined with fire Jutsu techniques to improve its ability.

Learn How: Stick all their fingers out, minus the thumbs, and cross them together without closing them. The left hand has to be on the outward side while the right hand is inward. Then, lay the left ring and middle fingers on the back of the right hand – don’t forget to keep the forearms horizontal.

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3. Tora (Tiger)

Naruto Hand Sign - Tiger

Tora is based on the Chinese zodiac of the tiger. An important precursor for fire and earth elemental release. A simple, yet destructive hand seal. Often used by prominent fire users like Sasuke, and basically everyone from the Uchiha clan.

Learn How: Clasp hands together and intertwine their fingers as they would in prayer, but with their forearms horizontal. From there, just raise the left and right index and middle fingers, then keep them together.

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4. Usagi (Rabbit)

Naruto Hand Sign - Rabbit

Usagi is based on the Chinese zodiac of the rabbit. Not necessarily needed for any elemental transformation, but used to channel lightning attacks like the Chidori. This hand seal is commonly seen in the anime being used by Sasuke or Kakashi.

Learn How: Form a finger pistol with the left index finger and thumb sticking out while sliding the right pinky between them.

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5. Tatsu (Dragon)

Naruto Hand Sign - Dragon

Tatsu is based on the Chinese zodiac of the dragon. This hand sign has no elemental property attached to it, but when combined with other elemental Jutsus, it creates a dragon-shaped manifestation of that skill. Remember when Sasuke hailed down a huge lightning dragon to Itachi from the sky? Badass!

Learn How: Close the fingers together while keeping the thumbs and pinky separated from the middle area. The left thumb should be above the right thumb; the pinky needs to touch tips.

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6. Snake (Mi)

Naruto Hand Sign - Snake

Mi is based on the Chinese zodiac of the snake. One of the most used hand Jutsu in the series, because it is associated with earth, wood, and lightning elemental release. No doubt, you will see the strongest ninjas in the anime use this hand seal at one point.

Learn How: Stick their open hands together upright and then intertwine their fingers as if in prayer.

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7. Uma (Horse)

Naruto Hand Sign - Horse

Uma is based on the Chinese zodiac of the horse. Not related to any elemental transformation Jutsus, but always used by Sasuke when using his fireball Jutsu. Also, this hand sign is used to dismiss the illusions of Genjutsus when you get caught in its effects.

Learn How: The index fingers must connect at the tips while you stack the other finger’s knuckles with the right digits always at the top. Both palms must also face inward.

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8. Hitsuji (Ram)

Naruto Hand Sign - Ram

Hitsuji is based on the Chinese zodiac of the ram. Not many shinobi use this hand sign, but still iconic. Simply because the main man, Naruto himself, uses this hand seal for his shadow clone Jutsu.

Learn How: Raise the left and right index and middle fingers upright and stick them together with the right fingers sliding lower. They also have to overlap the left ring finger and pinky over the right ones.

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9. Saru (Monkey)

Naruto Hand Sign - Monkey

Saru is based on the Chinese zodiac of the monkey. Not associated with any elemental transformation technique, but Sasuke prominently uses this when channeling/casting his Chidori technique.

Learn How: Slide their right pinky between their left thumb and index finger while putting the palms together horizontally.

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10. Tori (Rooster)

Naruto Hand Sign - Rooster

Tori is based on the Chinese zodiac of the rooster. The word itself represents the element of wind. Used by many wind users for Jutsu transformation. Notably used by Naruto when channeling the almighty Rasengan.

Learn How: The middle finger and pinky have to form an angular arch while making your ring finger and index fingers intersect; meanwhile, the thumbs need to touch tips.

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11. Inu (Dog)

Naruto Hand Sign - Dog

Inu is based on the Chinese zodiac of the dog. Unlike the obvious element connection of Tori with wind, this hand sign is surprisingly associated with the water element. Often used Zabuza, Kisame, and the other folks from the Mist village.

Learn How: It only involves placing the left open palm atop the right fist.

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12. I (Boar)

Naruto Hand Sign - Boar

I is based on the Chinese zodiac of the boar. Not particularly needed for elemental transformation Jutsus, but a crucial hand seal when using the summoning technique. Evidently, this hand sign can only be seen being used by elite ninjas.

Learn How: Form a partial fist and stick their palms together while keeping their forearms parallel to the ground.

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This can be a great reference in your future battles against enemies or in your clan training. While it’s not an exhaustive list, this will help you understand the principles and the lore behind each hand seal for greater knowledge of the Naruto universe. And now that you know the basics, it’s time to train and master what you need to become the next Hokage!

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