The Ultimate List of Dragon Ball Z Games for Android in 2021

Dragon Ball, this series is arguably the single most popular anime franchise in the West, anyone who has heard of the word anime know of Dragon Ball, as it is inseparable to anime as Pokemon to games and Harry Potter to books. You must have watched it at least once in your life. This year, Dragon Ball Super ended, so many of you guys must be feeling frustrated since there won’t be a weekly dose of Dragon Ball for you anymore until another series began. You must surely be looking for a Dragon Ball game to play while waiting. However, there are lots of Dragon Ball games in Google Store. Thus, we have done all the hard works for you and compiled an ultimate list of the best Dragon Ball game in 2021 that you can kill time with when you are waiting for a new Dragon Ball series.

1. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is one of the best and most popular Dragon Ball games for Android, it features all of your favorite characters: Son Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, you name it, they have it. In addition, it has beautiful 3D graphic and action-packed gameplay. This game is a 3D multiplayer online fighting game, in which you can choose your favorite Dragon Ball Z character to battle against the players from everywhere in this world.

Dragon Ball Legend’s gameplay is quite simple, as you just need to tap on the screen to deal with basic attacks, dodge attacks by swipe left or right. A new part of Dragon Ball Legends is the skill card system, as each character of the game has their own unique skills, and you just have to tap the cards at the bottom of the screen for them to unleash their skills on your opponent.

Dragon Ball Legends

2. Z Champions

Dragon Ball is a long-standing franchise, lasting from 1984 until now. It has birthed numerous awesome and popular anime series such as Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super. However, no series can be as popular and as important as Dragon Ball Z. Thus, it’s no surprise that Z Champions, a game that utilizes almost all of the characters from the Dragon Ball Z series, will be so popular.

Z Champions has three different game modes: survival, single-player, and mini-games. If you chose to play the single-player mode, you start with one of the already unlocked fighters and then proceed to battle. This mode is quite easy to control as it is just like a platform game. In contrast, the survival mode in this Dragon Ball Z game is surprisingly hard: to get a victory in this mode, you have to beat 7 enemies using only one life.

Z Champions

3.The Final Power Level Warrior

We all know how popular the Dragon Ball franchise is, so it comes as no surprise that there would be products that take inspiration from it. For example, most of the action manga that has debuted since the Dragon Ball era have some elements in them that are inspired by or directly copied from the Dragon Ball saga, especially the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. The next entry on this list is no exception.

The Final Power Level Warrior offers a similar taste of action like all the other Dragon Ball Z type of games in its completely action-packed gameplay. In addition, this game also has a lot of cool characters that share uncanny resemblances to the Z fighters. It also has incredible graphics. So, if you are using a low-end device, I would recommend you against installing it as it requires at least 3 to 4 GB RAM.

The Final Power Level Warrior

4.Dragon Fight Shadow: Super Hero Battle Of Warriors

Created by SuperZ Dragon Fight Shadow, Dragon Fight Shadow: Super Hero Battle Of Warriors is unarguably among the best Dragon Ball Z games for Android that have been produced. Its story is about a super battle between the two shadow sides: God and Devil. In order to achieve victory, one side must get to the infinite power through the legendary 7 dragon balls, which are spread and hidden through the two planets Kai and Vegeta GT. The player will travel through different planets and fight with shadow enemies to gather the balls.

The game has a tutorial to guide the player through. In addition, there are also 20 Super Saiyan levels for you to transform and super skills with incredible skill effects for heroes such as Ball Blast Attack, Phoenix Recall, etc. Furthermore, the game offers a daily login reward and a lucky spin, so you can always get some gifts.

Dragon Fight Shadow: Super Hero Battle Of Warriors

5. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

A whole brand new chapter in the Dragon Ball Z saga has been opened, from now on you can go through all the nonstop action right on your palm. In this game, you can go against the formidable enemies that have appeared in the anime series. You can also explore the areas that you have already known before through a whole new way with a new unique gameplay style: the board game style.

The story of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle begins when Trunk’s time capsule crashed on a planet where the timeline of Dragon Ball has been
completely tangled, your job is to work together with Trunks to find out the mastermind behind this mess.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

6.Saiyan Goku Tap Super Z

If you are a Dragon Ball fan in general and a Goku fan personally, you shouldn’t miss this game. Saiyan Goku Tap Super Z is a completely new, unique, and awesome adventure that is entirely fanmade, where Goku will have to find and collect the Dragon Balls in a world full of never-ending battles. Furthermore, the game offers daily rewards, tournaments, and daily battles with more than 50 Dragon Ball Z famous fighter variants. The game has two modes: Story mode and Infinity mode, each mode has its own specialties.

In the Story mode, you are a fighter that has to fight through 11 stages and more than 120 different enemy waves to defend the world. In this mode, you can unlock new stages and powers. In the Infinity mode, you must fight for a limited time and win as many as possible to get achievements.

Saiyan Goku Tap Super Z

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